Custom Sites

Websites in a Digital and Mobile World

A custom site is the best way to create a website presence and can be very rewarding. We recommend using social media such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. We offer these services and guarantee your satisfaction! 

We develop sites for all kinds of businesses including restaurants, service companies, contractors, financial planners and more. We can develop what we call a "living" website which means that some things happen automatically and you have the ability to change events, specials, menu items, image, and more from a cell phone from anywhere and at anytime, real-time.

Check out some of our recently developed websites(LIVE SITES).

We can help you with all of this. We can put together a cost effective solution to fit your budget and get it done quickly. Give us a call or submit our CONTACT form. 

We will guide you through the process of getting the information to create an awesome web presence for your business. We will create a mock-up of your new website for your approval and will review the rendering of your new website with you to make sure it is just right.

If you need a "part" file lookup, shopping cart, a drop-down of something, an animated GIF, a form to collect information and store in a database or anything that can be done on the web we can do and at a reasonable price just CONTACT us. 

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Company Contact Country
Alex Nouvelle Marcia Rios Spain
Betty White John Meyer United States
Cathy Smith Bill Budz United States
Derek Jones Ralph Brown Canada
Clock Works Bennett Freez United Kingdom
Sally Struthers Cindy DuMonde United States
Laughing Bears of England Frank Taylor United Kingdom
Lavazza Gran Aroma Bar Giovanni Riunite Italy

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Online video and Youtube particularly is now more popular than cable television. It's a great sales tool and most visitors would prefer to watch rather than read.

We can add your video to your website. We reccommend videos of a minute or less so that your visitor will maintain interest and not click away. We also utilize full screen short loop videos to show motion on a page. These videos are typically 5 to 10 seconds in length and are used for backgrounds like flowers swaying in the wind. This gives a great effect and the visitor doesn't see that it is a loop.