A Law Firm Website

created Dec 12, 2018

An example of a professional services  website

This site has a chat option (bottom left green button) allowing visitor immediate response from your company. Also note the telephone and social media (top center)

Oscar E Sanchez, Esq website
Oscar E Sanchez, Esq website

Oscar E Sanchez, Esq website

A pub/restaurant website

created September 20, 2018

This website is updated automatically four times each day (it can be every hour if you like) with Craft Beer's, Promotions, and Upcoming events. The authorized users can also login and make changes to various pages as well as putting up promotions. This site was created using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, mySQL, and Ajax. This site has a "back end" maintenance feature that can be used on any device and you can assign multiple users. This site can be modified from a smart phone (or any internet connected device) from anywhere in the world anytime!

Computer View

1280 x 1040 screen

Portrait & landscape views

iPhone 8 plus

A Chinese restaurant website

created August 29, 2018

A basic website

This is a simple responsive website with  a complete  menu  that the  visitor can  choose a  menu section  or view the  whole menu right from the landing page. There is also an option to print/view the whole  menu in PDF format.

First Hong Kong Cafe website

Residential & Commercial Swimming Pools

created July 13, 2018
Oliver's Pools website

This is a swimming pool construction website that performs commercial and residential installation, updates and much more. The site incorporates images, videos, and a contact form.

Residential & Commercial Oil Tank
Install & removal

created June 3, 2018

An example of a service  website

This is an example of an Oil Tank Removale and installation website. The site contains a variety of pages, images and a contact form as well as some JavaScript.

CJ Sparrow website