Website Design

Websites in a Digital and Mobile World

Your website is your Brochure, the face of your business, Business Card and it better have good content, navagability, and look good. How do you create it? There are basically 3 ways to create a website and they are:  

  1. Use a website builder
  2. Create and manage your own website
  3. Hire a consultant to develop your website

We also offer a fourth option which is to collaborate with you. We create and monitor your project from conception to implementation along side you. You save money and gain a powerful web presence that you are in control of. Modify any part of your website using your mobile smart phone. We can help you with everything else. We can put together a cost effective solution to fit your budget requirements.

We feel that using a Website Builder has the negative effects of not being able to modify the source and republish as well as not being able to move your hosting to another provider without starting from scratch (-: This is unacceptable!

Creating and managing your own website requires time on your part as well as additional learning. This requires a considerable technical expertise and is not easy as well. We can work with you to jointly manage your web presence. 

Hiring someone to develop your website is the best way. If you choose this method you need to know what you want and are able to disemenate the information to the consultant handling your web presence. You need to find the right person. We guarantee to create a web presence comparable to your business requirements and will walk you through each step of the process (see our Custom Sites). If you need a database for your parts file we can provide it at a reasonable price. Maybe you want a photo gallery - we have it! Whatever your needs we will do our very best to accomodate you.

Using our "fourth" option, Collaboration Sites, you can get the best of both worlds. Basically we tell you what needs to be done and you do it at a much lesser cost than hiring a consultant and you are in control.

We strive to maintain relationships with our clients in a mutually beneficial manor. We look at it as a team effort where we work together to maintain your positive web presence.